Focus on EMIL BRANDQVIST as composer ...

Exclusively available digitally the song cycle “Three Songs" is now going to be finalized by Part 3”. Having originated over the last four years, among the instruments we hear are the lap steel guitar, pump organ, bass clarinet, violin, voices and the keyed fiddle. Alongside drums and percussion, Emil Brandqvist appears merely as composer and give the spots to musicians like pianist Tuomas A. Turunen, bass player Viktor Turegard, Martin Brandqvist on various wind instruments, Fredrik Gicken Johansson at guitar, singer Nina Ewald, violinist Anna Danielsson and his father Hakan Brandqvist at the organ.

Single SKOGEN goes online on February 9 and release of the EP is on February 23

Samples here

In March (all nine songs of the cycle, enriched by two brand new ones) the album “Interludes” is already available as a limited 180 g vinyl edition to accompany the Emil Brandqvist Trio spring tour, and will of course be released on CD and in a digital version on March 29 more details and lsamples here